Hi, I am George - creator and artist of SNG: Sand N Grit Skateboard Co.
Based in Weston-Super-Mare, i've skated for over 10 years, and always been keen to get my artwork on skateboards.

I've always had a passion for skateboarding, since playing Tony Hawk's Pro skater games on the PS2, to watching Rodney Mullen Vs Daewon song (showing my age now!) I was so inspired by these guys to push my own boundaries in the sport. New influences such as Andy Anderson, Jamie Foy and Mason Silva have kept my passion going, and I felt that in my own way it was time to give back to the skateboarding community that had given me so much - confidence, fitness and freedom of expression.

The idea came back in July 2020 during the first of UK's COVID-19 lockdowns. I was feeling low in my mental health, restricted in movement and was not able to do much to remedy either.
I discovered there was at least one upside to this - famous artists were taking to online conference platforms to continue to deliver their art classes and showcases. One such artist was Jimbo Phillips - OG Artist for Santa Cruz Skateboards and one of my all time favourite graphic designers. He was to be a guest artist online with Drew Brophy and Maria Brophy for their POSCA pen party - offering the opportunity to draw along side these amazing artists and showcase our own work.

So inspired i joined up to be involved in the session, waited up all night as they were going by US time, got my opportunity to draw along side Jimbo, and it was here I conceptualised The Whelk.

It felt amazing to be in the presence of awe-inspiring artists, and when I had finished I vowed to continue what I had started. The next day I had drawn up The Gull, and following that The Donkey, drawing inspiration from the home i'd grown to love - Weston-Super-Mare.

As Lockdown went on I designed a new board everyday for each character, until I had 15 total board designs that I was satisfied with. Family and friends played a big role in keeping me going through this, suggesting I should take the hand drawn images and recreate them on a digital platform.

So with a host of board designs and a tonne of support from family and friends, I pursued a manufacturer who could supply me with professional quality skateboard decks, and a printer who could bring my boards to life. It took some doing, receiving samples until I was happy with the quality of the boards, for me to say yes - Print those boards!

Since then, I've released the boards for sale - they're limited prints of the first three full graphic designs, as well as 3 mainstay board designs. My aim and brand ethos is to provide pro quality at an affordable price, accompanied by solid hardware which lasts.

Thankyou for reading and I hope you will join me on this journey, with many more designs to come, I hope to provide something for all to enjoy.