Hello and welcome to our very first newsletter! I am George, the artist and creator of SNG. 

Here we share the current progression of SNG, it's values and interests, where we are headed, and news to look forward to. 

My background aside from skateboarding has been care and support of the community, caring for and supporting people young and old in various stages of their lives. I have also been an educator, teaching adults with special educational needs how to live an independent life to the best of their abilities. 

When it comes to skateboarding, I bring these skills to the SB community to give my support and knowledge to you, skateboarders young and old, so that you may get the very best from your skateboarding progression. 



I established SNG during the first Lockdown of 2020. I had been working up until this point as an educator for an SEN college but as coronavirus took rise, the limits of social interaction meant my work had taken to being mainly online. Feeling frustrated with the restriction of movement, my mental health declined during the initial first few weeks. I needed an outlet, and thankfully something I've always said to myself was becoming true - "through frustration comes creation".

Scrolling away on social media I stumbled on an open invitation to join a Paint party hosted by Brophy Art Academy, with a special guest artist ... Jimbo Phillips. This struck me like a lightning bolt, I as a young grom was inspired by his graphic art work, and no matter what I was going to be at this party. 

During the 100-to-1, I drew on the shapes and themes that had influenced me in my time in Weston-Super-Mare, before I knew it, the Whelk was born. 

Feeling inspired I decided I needed to take this further, I continued to draw some mock ups for themes that I had developed, the Gull and finally the Donkey came to fruition. The happiest I had been since lockdown began, I set myself the task of drawing 15 board designs to engage myself and explore this new outlet. 

The designs you see now are the first 6 that were drawn. Plenty more to come.



I have a series of T-shirts lined up and ready to go, at present I am still searching for the right manufacturer. Reason being as that alike to the boards, I would like to bring the line up to you at a good price without sacrificing quality. If this means buying my own printer and doing it myself, so be it. I will not increase my price range in order to get these, it goes against my values. 



As I drew more designs I found more support for the cause, friends and family spurring me on to do more. "How far can I take this?" I found myself thinking, and with a push from my partner and a good friend, I engaged a few manufacturers and got the wheels really spinning. 

My boss was also incredibly supportive of me during this time, he's been more than an inspiration to me over the last 3 years, running his own college in the face of mainstream education to provide better for the community around him.  

I could not have done this without them, I am eternally grateful for their support, and every day I invested became not just for myself but for them too. 

Fanx guiz. 



So here we are, the first release of boards have been warmly received, I am beyond stoked with the outcome. It truly is a dream realized to see my artwork on a skateboard that I can ride with pride. 

It was massively important to me that the boards and equipment were top notch in standard, and seeing others far better than I thrashing my boards and getting sweet results just puts the biggest smile on my face. Nothing could make me happier than seeing my graphics flipping under your feet, and to securing them at a reasonable price. 


I have big plans for SNG, creating ways to give everything I can to a community that gives it's all for the love of skateboarding. 


I am developing a series of blogs titled "DIY Skate", taking all the low budget tips and tricks I have both garnered and created myself and compiling them for your development. Construction, cleaning solutions, skate garment revival, board maintenance and more to come, all in the name of keeping you in the SB game. 


I have in the works a method of learning skateboarding that I would like to impart to all who would listen, which I have learned from my time teaching. This method will unlock your skate game no end, breaking down tricks in a way you wouldn't think possible, and enabling you to break down and learn any trick, any where. 


I will be releasing tutorials on a few of my art methods, in the hopes of enabling you to create your own images and styles.


Finally I will be detailing my time as I start a new project outside of the UK. Recently my partner and I moved short-term to Montserrat, a small Caribbean island that has been partially destroyed by a (still active) volcano. I will be supporting her during her time here as a social worker, and using my skills and abilities to teach the children here to skateboard. My plan is to enable the children here to enjoy a part of the skateboard community I've known and loved back home.  Watch this space. 



We want to hear from you! Please feel free to write about your skateboard progression in the comments below, your highs and lows, and if we can help we will. What's the next trick you want to learn? What trick are you most afraid to try? We wanna know! Leave it in the comments below and we will try to help as best as we can. 


Stay tuned for more news, DIY skate tutorials, progression and most importantly..



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